Mensa canada


Prior Evidence. Waive the Fee in January

Mensa Canada is offering a special promotion for people who are interested in joining Mensa, and already have a certificate showing they have completed one of the approved assessment tests.

The list of approved tests can be found on the Mensa Canada website under Prior Evidence.

Normally the admin cost to assess these certificates is $50, but for the period Jan 1- Feb 14, 2022, we will WAIVE THE FEE.

This means that people who have an approved IQ test can contact the admin office ( ) , complete the application and send in their document scan without payment.

People who’s score is 98% or above will be sent an application to join Mensa Canada, and pay the appropriate annual membership fee.

If you are parents of children who have been tested by the school board for for gifted youth programs, they may qualify for Mensa already.

More details are available on the Mensa Canada website.

Advance Alert for another Testing Promotion

Spring 2022 (date not yet determined) Mensa Canada is planning to offer a promotion where the fee for Mensa Canada testing will be reduced.

Details will be advertised once dates and prices are finalized.

Mensa Canada proctors conduct admission tests for youth age 10 and above, as well as adults.