Mensa canada


Look out for emails with notices for Youth Summit ice breakers for youth and parents, the annual chess tournament, and more, taking place July 26 - 28!

We look forward to seeing you there - virtually, via Google Meet!

Upcoming Events (times are in GMT-7)

Social media

If you are the parent of a young Mensan, or if you are a Mensan youth over13 years of age, we encourage you to request to join the Mensa Canada Gifted Youth and Families Facebook Group: click here

Make a connection

Regional representatives are there to help you find friends and plan local fun!

Find a representative in your area to find out about local events, plan new ones or simply make a connection and build your GY community! If you can't find someone near you (I'm looking at you, Manitoba), then consider volunteering!


Chat groups are set up for kids 0-17. If you want to join (as a kid) contact the Gifted Youth Group at to get access. You need to have a Gmail address. We configure the age groups to best suit the participants.