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Welcome Mensans,

We wanted to make you aware of a Mensa event in your region (Edmonton area) hosted by the Mensa Gifted Youth Committee. In an effort to build community for our gifted youths, your family is invited to an online event to meet other families in the area with gifted youths. We are sending this invitation out to families that have a registered Mensa membership with a gifted youth in their household.

We will be hosting a meet and greet online on March 5, 2022 from 3pm to 5pm. At this event you will get to meet our Edmonton regional representative and engage in activities and conversations to get to know other families with gifted youth in the Edmonton area.

A google meet link will be provided to join the event. Families are welcome to attend with/without their kids.

If you are interested, please contact to RSVP.

Upcoming Events (times are in GMT-7)

Social media

If you are the parent of a young Mensan, or if you are a Mensan youth over13 years of age, we encourage you to request to join the Mensa Canada Gifted Youth and Families Facebook Group: click here

Make a connection

Regional representatives are there to help you find friends and plan local fun!

Find a representative in your area to find out about local events, plan new ones or simply make a connection and build your GY community! If you can't find someone near you (I'm looking at you, Manitoba), then consider volunteering!


Chat groups are set up for kids 0-17. If you want to join (as a kid) contact the Gifted Youth Group at to get access. You need to have a Gmail address. We configure the age groups to best suit the participants.